Created by: kevin195
Date: 30-Nov-2016
Last update: 30-Nov-2016
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kill all enemies in 4 different levels and kill the final boss!

Instructions to play this game:
  • Download Action Game Maker if you haven't already
  • Open it and click on "play games"
  • Enter the GAME ID: 26495051

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    kevin195 03-Dec-2016
    There is a free Steam gift card giveaway at I recommend this!
    kevin195 03-Dec-2016
    kevin195 01-Dec-2016
    part 2 coming up! with 10 levels/mazes
    so stay tuned for part 2!
    kevin195 30-Nov-2016
    if you found any lags,glitches/bugs
    please comment it i will start to work on it.
    kevin195 30-Nov-2016
    update: impossible levle 5 deleted
    added more enemies
    fixed lags/glitches
    kevin195 30-Nov-2016
    enjoy my game my 1st game